6 reasons why you should invest in France

World-Class Infrastructure

1ST Europe’s leading business aviation airport (Le Bourget) and leading airport for freight / 2nd in terms of passenger traffic (Paris Charles de Gaulle).

2nd longest high-speed rail network in Europe

France is ranked third in Europe for its national road system, with more than 11,450 km of motorways (7,115 miles). (Eurostat, 2016)

Second largest electricity supply in the EU. (WEF, 2017)

A leading and open economy

France is the world’s fifth largest economy, the second biggest consumer market in Europe and the world’s seventh largest foreign investor. It offers a wide array of business opportunities for investors and has a proven track record of attracting and retaining foreign companies and key talent.


- 16 % of value added in the French economy,    

- 30 % of all French exports,

- More than 45% of the equity of companies listed on the CAC 40 is owned by non-residents,

Nearly 21% of business enterprise R&D is conducted by foreign companies.


France is the leading host country for foreign investment in industry (EY, 2016).

25,000 foreign-owned subsidiaries (Eurostat, 2016) and 1,117 new FDI projects in 2016 (Business France 2016).

Deep Talent Pool

High hourly labor productivity rate, ahead of Germany and the United Kingdom. (The Conference Board, 2017)High hourly labor productivity rate, ahead of Germany and the United Kingdom. (The Conference Board, 2017)

1.6 million scientists and engineers and 44% of 25- to 34-year-olds have a tertiary education qualification, compared with 30.5% in Germany and 25.6% in Italy. (OECD, Education at a Glance, 2017)

Some of the best business schools in the world

Three of the six best establishments offering Master’s courses in management are French. (FT, 2017)

New and innovative players such as 42, a coding school in Paris, train 900 developers per year. Fourth leading host country in the world with 309, 600 foreign nationals enrolled in higher education. (UNESCO, Atlas Project, 2016)



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Expatriates enjoy a tailor-made tax regime applicable for eight years, offering an income tax exemption of between 30% and 50% of their total pay.


France is a ‘Startup Nation’ with no fewer than 12,000 startups and the largest startup campus in Europe, Station F, located in Paris.

Strategic Position

Europe was the world’s second largest market in 2017. With more than 67 million inhabitants and direct access to more than 500 million consumers in the European Single Market.

Largest concentration of headquarters in Europe. (Fortune Global 500)

France offers a central European location providing easy access to EMEA and African markets.

Entrepreneur is a French word


The best place in Europe for R&D tax incentives and effective corporate tax rate on R&D operations.

30% of eligible R&D expenses are tax-deductible up to €100 million, and 5% above this threshold.

Foreign companies have increased their R&D spending in France by 9% a year since 2007.

France is the leading source country of high-flying tech firms in the EMEA. (Deloitte, 2016)

France is the leading source country in Europe of institutions among the 100 most innovative organizations in the world. (Clarivate Analytics, 2016)

13 Fields Medals

France is the second leading source country of Fields Medal winners.

A Leading financial center in Europe

In 2017, France was the leading European market for venture capital, with €2.7 billion funds raised (Q1-Q3) ahead of the United Kingdom. (Dealroom, 2017)

Paris is a leading financial market place in the euro zone with more than 800,000 direct jobs and 400,000 indirect jobs in the financial industry (Paris region).

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