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A reformed, modernized framework

Employment law has undergone far-reaching changes in recent years, designed to streamline and modernize the French labor market. The goals of recent reforms are to better meet businesses’ needs, as well as employees’ expectations. 
Business France provides you with all the information you need on the various employment law regulations and collective agreements governing labor relations.

Labor rules negotiated within the company

Labor relations are governed by a clear and specific framework that puts the emphasis on consultation. Many issues – such as working patterns – can now be negotiated directly within the company, as soon as the first employee is hired. Businesses are also encouraged to anticipate and adapt quickly to market upturns and downturns by concluding simplified majority agreements on working hours, pay and mobility. These types of company-wide agreements can be an appropriate way to meet the specific demands of both employees and businesses.

Guaranteed access to a skilled workforce

France has an extensive and effective vocational education system. All employees have access to continuous professional development and apprenticeships, ensuring the availability of a skilled and versatile workforce. Business France will inform and guide you towards making a success of your recruitment campaigns in France.

Lowering business charges

France is continuing on a path to lower business charges, as can be seen by the following, effective from January 1, 2018:

    - Abolition of employee health and unemployment insurance contributions. 
    - Conversion of the competitiveness and employment tax credit (CICE – 6% tax relief on employer contributions for low-paid employees) into a permanent reduction in social security contributions. 
    - Sliding-scale reduction in employer contributions effective from January 1, 2019 (over and above any CICE benefit due from 2018).

Investors can visit an interactive website that the French government has set up to simulate payroll costs for employees at their French subsidiaries.

Hiring simulator [In French]

The simulator allows you to quickly estimate the hiring costs for your company. This tool was developped as part of French public sector modernisation works.

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