• This second White Paper on international rankings presents an overview of where France stands in international rankings and examines their various methodologies. Produced by Business France, it is designed as a resource to be used by all stakeholders, public or private, engaged in economic development in our country. It highlights the importance of France’s comparative advantages, which too often remain unknown or even deliberately ignored at times, as well as the areas in which sustained, long-term efforts are required, while also examining methodological shortcomings that preclude fully objective judgments from being formed.

    The international rankings that this 2016 edition focuses on are examined in three separate sections: competitiveness, economic attractiveness, and innovation/higher education. At a time where digital strategy and technological innovations are becoming major issues for businesses, but also for countries seeking to establish flexible, innovative ecosystems to foster startups and entrepreneurship, Business France has decided to include a ‘Tech Book’ supplement to this new edition focusing on the latest developments in the tech/startup world.

    If you’d like to find out more on where France stands in these international comparisons, click on the links below: White Paper & Tech Book .

  • This series of kits highlights the thriving nature of the French economy and burgeoning innovation in sectors as varied as aerospace, logistics, transport, robotics, biotechnologies, energies of the future, design, and cinema.