Official decrees from the French President (September 14, 2017) Christophe Lecourtier appointed CEO of Business France and Pascal Cagni appointed Ambassador for International Investment, and Chairman of the Board of Business France

Paris, September 25, 2017,

Christophe Lecourtier has been appointed CEO of Business France. With his substantial public-sector experience and previous tenure as CEO of Ubifrance, he will assess Business France’s first three years and draw up proposals for an ambitious new state export support system, to optimize existing support, making it more effective and better value for money.

Pascal Cagni, Founder and CEO at C4 Ventures, has been appointed by official decree as Chairman of the Board at Business France and Ambassador for International Investment. Mr. Cagni will play an active role in promoting France as a foreign investment destination, and will also assume a representation role, building and nurturing influence in the business world both in France and internationally.