VIE International Internship Program wins over recent graduates

Who has never dreamt about working in New York, London, or Tokyo, or anywhere else in the world for that matter? Business France’s VIE International Internship Program is specially designed for recent job-seeking graduates aged between 18 and 28.

The program itself involves a paid professional assignment lasting from six months to two years for a French business or public body operating in a foreign country. A large variety of business sectors are covered, including ICT, banking, automotive, services, healthcare, agri-food, transport and energy, among others. Pay for VIE interns varies from €1,300 to €3,700 net per month, and is exempt from income tax.

Since the VIE International Internship Program was introduced in 200, more than 63,600 people have completed a posting in a foreign country for one of 6,600 organizations. What’s more, over half of them have been invited back for a permanent job at the end of their assignment.

So if you, too, are tempted by adventure, don’t delay, and sign up today on the official VIE website:

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