Success story: French startup CybelAngel raises €3 million

CybelAngel, a Paris-based startup that monitors the dark web and connected devices, has just secured €3 million in funding from Serena Data Ventures, a European fund focusing on big data and artificial intelligence.

CybelAngel, founded in 2013 by Erwan Keraudy, Stevan Keraudy and Mathieu Finiasz, got itself noticed last year at Slush, one of the biggest events for startups in Europe. With support from Business France, it won over its audience in Helsinki and took first place in the event’s pitching contest, coming ahead of companies from the US, Sweden and Korea.

CybelAngel offers innovative cybersecurity technology to protect its customers – including many CAC 40 companies – from data leaks on the internet. Every day, the firm detects more than a billion sensitive documents that are freely accessible online, on the dark web and the Internet of Things, for instance.

 This round of funding comes a year after the initial round (€1 million in 2015), and will enable the startup to enter the American and Asian markets. The company also plans to ramp up its research efforts, improve its technology, and recruit around fifteen people by the end of this year.

CybelAngel is committed to keeping its customers’ secrets. Over 3.9 billion data items have been stolen since 2013 – it’s no wonder cybersecurity is becoming such a major issue.

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