New VIE International Internship Program communication campaign

The VIE International Internship Program run by Business France is offering companies looking to expand into foreign markets the chance to recruit proficient high-potential candidates.

With a total of 9,597 interns currently working for nigh on 2,000 companies, the VIE International Internship Program continues to prove its worth. Seventy-three percent of companies surveyed say they won new business orders or signed a trading agreement less than one year after the arrangement was set up.

The program represents an extraordinary opportunity for companies to underpin their export efforts, while candidates get to fulfil interesting assignments of strategic importance, while also furthering their career prospects. What’s more, seven in 10 of them go on to obtain a permanent role once their assignment is over. Overall, the program is a genuine win-win initiative, with no-one remaining on the sidelines!

You can find out more about the campaign here.

And if you’re interested in hiring ‘export champions’ for your business, click here.

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