Interested in gaining professional experience abroad? Business France can help…

On June 28, Business France hosted an information session for candidates on the VIE international business program.

The VIE program involves a paid professional work placement, lasting between six months and two years, with a French business or public body overseas. More than 63,600 people have completed placements with 6,600 organizations abroad since the VIE program was introduced in 2000. Over half of them received offers of employment at the end of their placements.

The aim of the event was to help candidates in their search for suitable companies, and to give them the tools they need to convince companies of the benefits of the VIE program. The event comprised three separate sessions presented by Business France’s VIE experts:

  • Targeting companies and “selling” the VIE program
  • Preparing speculative applications and international projects
  • Success stories from four former VIEs: experiences and best practice

The event was also broadcast online on Périscope, Facebook and Twitter via the official @civiweb_off account.

Around 100 candidates attended the event, and more than 650 people watched it online. If you would like view the event, please click here.

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