IFA 2017: a first for La French Tech

IFA Berlin is the leading consumer electronics show in Europe, and similar in stature to the CES in Las Vegas, attracting 1,800 exhibitors and nearly 240,000 visitors from all around the world in 2016.

La French Tech has had a major presence at the CES in Las Vegas for the past four years, and IFA Berlin is its next port of call. The show is organized along similar lines to the CES, where many innovations are unveiled and reputations enhanced, but with a greater focus on more mature startups and exciting commercial opportunities.

In contrast to events showcasing innovation, such as CES Las Vegas, IFA is billed as a commercial development accelerator. Both events center around the Internet of Things and are excellent springboards for access to Business France’s immersion and accelerator programs focusing on markets further afield (such as the French Tech Tour in North America, China, Russia, Japan/Korea/Taiwan, India and Brazil, and Impact in the United States and China).

Business France has chosen 15 startups from 40 potential candidates to exhibit at the French Tech pavilion, right at the center of the IFA’s startup exhibition space – hall 26a. The startups selected have demonstrated innovation and potential for development, and already have products on the market. The pavilion is organized with support from BNP Paribas. The startups have been coached on outbound retail sales techniques by French retail giants Lick and Auchan. Visitors to the pavilion will have the chance to try their products via demonstrations on the Demooz platform.

France has more startups exhibiting at this year’s event than any other international delegation.

IFA 2017 begins today. If you’d like to learn more about the 15 French Tech startups taking part, click here.

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