Handy Business France kits highlight France’s key strengths

A newly updated series of kits covering no fewer than nine key subject areas*, packed with key information about France broken down into 10 easy points, can now be downloaded from the Business France website.

Together, they highlight France’s wide array of key strengths and advantages – excellence in business and industry, major innovation potential, vibrant arts and culture – in stark contrast to a number of enduring negative national stereotypes.

Did you know? France has a whole host of arguments in its favor!

To name but a few: France is the leading country in Europe for foreign investment in industry; it’s the world’s fifth largest economy, as well as the leading destination for foreign tourists; and it’s also the second leading country in Europe for enterprise creation.

If you are on the lookout for positive arguments, backed by the latest data and key figures on France, be sure to download here these 10-point kits!

* The nine subject areas are as follows:

  • France: Separating fact from fiction
  • France: An attractive economy
  • France: A talent hub
  • France: An innovation powerhouse
  • Paris: A leading financial center
  • France: A nation of entrepreneurs
  • France: A leading tourist destination
  • France: A competitive tax system
  • France: A digital society

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