French startups showcase ‘Made in France’ creativity

Last week, Frédéric Kaplan, Acting CEO of Business France, gave an interview on the success of the “Made in France” initiative among the latest generation of French and foreign businesses.

France is regarded as a very innovative country, and French startups provide ample evidence of its creative prowess. French inventions and creativity promote competitiveness and economic growth, and are a key factor in France’s attractiveness to investors.

France is Europe’s leading recipient of foreign investment in industry, and is also ranked first in Europe in the Clarivate Analytics (ex-Thomson Reuters) Top 100 Global Innovators index. There are currently 9,400 startups in France, with 1,000 being set up each year. At the most recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, French companies laid claim to no fewer than 50 Innovation Awards and three Best of Innovation Awards. These are just a few examples that demonstrate France’s creativity and appeal as a business destination.

“The creativity we see in France is part of the French character, and is also down to the way we train engineers. Our multidisciplinary approach distinguishes French engineers from most of their peers internationally. France has been known as ‘a land of inventors’ for a very long time,” explained Mr. Kaplan.

To read the full interview, please click here.

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