French SMEs continue to thrive

The French Customs Authority published a report on France’s trade results in 2016 yesterday, showing that French SMEs continue to enjoy growing sales in foreign markets.

Despite mixed results for French goods exports in 2016, the report highlights the thriving export performances of French SMEs and micro-enterprises during a year where their export sales grew 2.1%, although those by large corporates declined 1.6%.

SMEs accounted for one in three French companies in 2016, and 12.5% of French exports. While a quarter of SMEs exported to a single country, on average SMEs exported to six or seven. Export sales by micro-enterprises were even more impressive, up 2.9% on 2015.

If you’d like to find out more, click here to read a summary (in French) prepared by Business France looking at the key findings of the report.

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