French business leaders’ great expectations for 2018

Ninety percent of French business leaders are optimistic about the year ahead, according to the latest annual business survey carried out by Eurogroup Consulting, in partnership with BFM Business and L’Express magazine.

For the first time in seven years, the expectations of French businesses not only operating in France but also elsewhere in the world are on the up. The top 100 French companies featured in the survey have revealed their plans for 2018, in terms of business, investment, and recruitment in France and overseas. Importantly, 9 in 10 business leaders say they are optimistic or very optimistic, three-quarters of them anticipate a growth in business, while half predict an increase in personnel. These very positive figures for 2018 confirm improving business sentiment and firm plans to follow through on this. 

Click here to read the results of the survey in full (in French).

(c) Eurogroup Consulting

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