Fifth Major International Sporting Events Seminar (RIGES)

This flagship event for professionals and companies in the sports industry was held at Business France’s headquarters on December 4, 2017. Organized in partnership with the Ministry for Sport, RIGES is a unique opportunity for French companies to position themselves in the global sports market.

The countries in the spotlight at this year’s event included Germany, the United States, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, India, China, Japan, Ivory Coast, Mexico and Argentina.

On the agenda at this one-day seminar were conferences and plenty of networking opportunities, as well as individual meetings with experts from Business France. This major business and political event gives French companies in the sports sector the chance to meet major international decision-makers and better understand the needs of the market.

Among the 250 attendees were sports equipment manufacturers, architects, security, events and ticketing companies, federations, organizing committees, and foreign decision-makers. The Minister for Sport, Laura Flessel, was also in attendance.

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