Créative France celebrates Franco-German friendship

Cultural and economic allies in Europe for the past 50 years, France and Germany are celebrating their shared vision for business and creativity throughout the month of June.

Business France has decided to mark the occasion through its international communications campaign, ‘Créative France’, highlighting the similarities and differences between France and Germany with two different initiatives:

  • A photo essay on the Créative France Twitter feed showcasing SAP and FlixBus’s operations in France and Germany, along with a game whereby followers guess the location in which a photo was taken.
  • A visual display on top-of-the-range digital screens in office blocks in German cities.

The campaign is being rolled out in 20 different areas, including Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Munich and Frankfurt, and will offer people throughout the business world an opportunity to learn about the two countries – both synonymous with innovation – and the synergies between them.

Germany and France are powerhouses of creativity and business innovation. With a long history of friendship, both nations enjoy mutual respect and admiration. Long may it continue!

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