“Créative France” campaign shortlisted for a TOP/COM trophy!

The 20th French Corporate Communication Congress is offering businesses until December 16 to apply for one of the trophies awarded to the best communication campaigns of the year. There are more than thirty categories due to be judged by panels of fellow professionals in marketing, communication and HR, as well as leading experts in each field.

Havas, the French multinational public relations company, has put forward its “Créative France” campaign that Business France has been leading since August 2015. The campaign is designed to promote France’s attractiveness as a business location, underpin export efforts, showcasing a host of French businesses and personalities who have made their mark on the international stage and embodied innovation.

Will the “Créative France” campaign get to win the TOP/COM trophy for “PR – Social Network campaigning”? The winners will be announced in Paris next year, on February 20-23, 2017.

To find out more about the “Créative France” campaign, click here.

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