Business France publishes improved operating results across the board

Business France has continued to build upon its success for the second successive year following its creation in January 2015, according to improved operating results across the board published Thursday, as greater synergies between supporting French exporters and attracting foreign investment to France start to pay off.

Business France currently operates in 73 different countries and organized 462 collective events abroad in 2016 as part of the France Export Program. The number of SMEs and mid-size companies benefiting from Business France’s export services increased from 9,755 in 2015 to 9,993 in 2016.

Business France’s strategy to make the VIE International Internship Program a leading bespoke solution in foreign countries for businesses and young professionals alike can be seen by the surge in interns taking part in the program, rising from 9,006 in 2015 to 9,572 by the end of 2016 in 134 countries.

Moreover, 643 foreign investment decisions receiving support from Business France and its regional development partners were successfully completed during the year, while the total figures for foreign investment projects and jobs generated in France will be published in late March 2017.

No fewer than 1,553 foreign investment projects were identified and followed up in 2016, while Business France teams organized around a thousand site visits for foreign investors.

You can read more about these results in the following links:

“These excellent results for 2016 are an endorsement of how Business France has been set up to operate. After an excellent start in 2015, we have now built upon our early success. For this, we can thank the unstinting commitment, expertise and capabilities of our 1,500 personnel, who hail from 65 different countries and together provide active support to help businesses succeed, whether this be in export markets or by investing in France. The coming year will see an even greater impact, as we work increasingly closely with public- and private-sector partners, especially in France’s regions.”

Muriel Pénicaud, CEO of Business France and Ambassador for International Investment.

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