For many years now, Business France Invest has been building a lasting partnership with all of France’s regions to offer ongoing service to investors all the way from their source country to the location they choose in France.

This means our approach with local economic development agencies is highly pragmatic in an effort to provide exacting qualitative and quantitative solutions that you can depend on in your decision-making processes.

Sites and offices, local service providers, job training and staffing, partnerships – a full array of local choices for support and fast-tracking investments that can make all the difference.

France is a country where every region has special advantages to offer and where companies can rely on professional guidance at every turn.

We can provide you with hosting offers that fit your specifications, personally generated by teams on the ground, and you can make your decisions after consulting them one-on-one.

But the regions of France also make up a great web of partnerships between universities, public and private research centers and businesses.

Learn more here about all the innovation clusters and hubs in France that combine to form a network of highly effective collaborative initiatives.

Auvergne- Rhône-Alpes
Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes ADEL42 territoire de la Loire
Auvergne – Rhône Alpes territoire Auvergne
Bourgogne Franche comté - territoire Bourgogne
Bourgogne Franche comté - territoire Franche comté
Centre - Val de Loire
Grand Est – territoire de l’Alsace
Grand Est – territoire de Champagne Ardennes
Grand Est – territoire de Lorraine
Hauts de France
Ile de France
La Réunion
Nouvelle Aquitaine
Nouvelle Calédonie
Occitanie - Invest
Occitanie - Madeeli
Pays de la Loire
Provence Alpes côte d’Azur
Saint-Pierre et Miquelon : ARCHIPEL DEVELOPPEMENT