Both inside and outside France, we reach out to multinational companies with our expertise on investing in France.

We can provide you with:

  • Detailed knowledge on hosting offers and services when opening a new site. Based on your specifications, we can direct you to the best regions or areas and provide ongoing support as you choose a site and business location.
  • In-depth understanding of the regulatory, tax, employment and economic immigration environments, as well as state aid and government support programs so you can compare France with other European countries you may be considering and make the most informed decision possible.
  • Better information to underpin your business plans, with up-to-date figures and data along with tailored competitive solutions.

  • More facts on France’s advantages and key strengths, broken down by sector, as well as the power of its ecosystems and talent pools.
  • Further guidance for your initial fact-finding missions in France, by setting up B2B meetings where necessary with public- and private-sector partners.
  • Better knowledge about investment opportunities in France for takeovers requiring financial backing to save or expand the company. We can also help you find public and private investment opportunities (project finance, equity acquisitions and buyouts).


Every year, we monitor 1,500 new investment projects and accompany businesses on over 800 visits.
Contact us today and give your project the best possible start!

Our performance-driven process works: we start by listening to your needs and then analyze your specifications, preferably by meeting you at your premises. Based on this information, we contact a selection of French regions that then put together a plan for site visits and hosting proposals (potential sites, commercial real estate, partnerships, etc.). We then talk with you again about the best approach to follow so we can offer you timely service that creates value.

The services we provide to foreign companies are complimentary and completely confidential. In 2015, more than 500 foreign companies counted on us to guide them in choosing an investment project location.