Every year, France proves once again that it is a leading destination for foreign investment in Europe.

Improvements continue to be made to France’s regulatory framework through a series of ongoing reforms ; annual Strategic Attractiveness Council meetings are also held between the French President and some 30 foreign business leaders to help attract further foreign investment and skills.

The key objectives of France’s reforms to increase its competitiveness and improve its business environment are to :

  • Stimulate R&D and innovation through France’s research tax credit and innovation clusters.
  • Restore profit margins through the competitiveness and employment tax credit.
  • Reduce labor costs by lowering social security contributions through the Responsibility and Solidarity Pact.
  • Make it easier for companies to obtain local finance solutions through Bpifrance, France’s public investment bank.

  • Create a more flexible labor market and renew industrial relations.

  • Support and fast-track business investment by implementing better legal safeguards for investors through measures like advanced tax rulings, one-off supplementary depreciation allowance, and a charter concerning non-retroactivity for tax issues.

Doing Business in France

Our flagship legal guide "Doing Business in france 2017", has been written by Business France experts in association with recognized specialists (law firms, auditors, accountants and human resources consultants).

It is designed especially for foreign company directors seeking to invest in France, where around 20,000 foreign companies are already established, running businesses under many different legal forms. 3 booklets :

Welcome to France

The "Welcome to France" online service, an information service for foreign talents and their families transferred to France for professional reasons, is here to guide you through the various procedures involved in moving to work in France.


The French government has also opened a tax help desk for international investors to answer all your tax-related queries. 

Click here for further information


The Business France network is a key contact for foreign investors to help them identify clearly the eligibility of their investment projects for state aid, and to provide assistance with drafting application processes.

Business France connects foreign companies with French government bodies (ministries, local authorities, and government agencies) responsible for guiding these investors.

A broad and varied framework of support has been set up in France in response to the needs of investors. Support can be provided at national level and/or local level for all types of projects, from manufacturing, services and R&D to innovation and training.

Government support can vary by the investment location (priority development areas) and the kind of company making the investment (large company, mid-size company or SME) and may not exceed cumulative EU limits on state aid.

France’s public investment bank, Bpifrance, is now a further source of financial support, funding development projects for businesses in France and help for French exporters, particularly companies with fewer than 5,000 employees.

A variety of support is available for every company’s needs, in accordance with EU regulations:

  • Investment grants.
  • Commercial real estate grants.
  • Tax benefits in the form of a supplementary depreciation allowance. exemptions and credits.
  • Exemptions for employer social security contributions and hiring subsidies. 
  • Partial coverage for job training costs.
  • Government guarantees to help SMEs.
  • Subsidized or interest-free loans.
  • Equity investments.
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