Créative France is a resounding call to action for every kind of business experiencing or targeting strong international growth. Créative France offers unmissable opportunities and commitments

Créative France is an international campaign powered by Business France showcasing French expertise in creativity and innovation in a number of fields, including technology, industry, fashion, cuisine, science, and the arts.

Créative France is a pilot campaign promoting France’s economic influence to dispel prejudice and rebuild the country’s business reputation based on tangible facts. It also reflects a country that is thoroughly modern, creative and open to the world.
Pictures, figures, facts, success stories and personal accounts on the campaign website will be used to promote France’s business image. Nine priority countries have been selected for their growth potential in trade and investment: the UK, the USA, China (incl. Hong Kong), South Korea, India, Germany, Japan, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore.

Créative France will maximize its impact by running a completely international campaign featuring government representatives, business leaders and media personalities. These individuals will be our “stars” and spokespeople in their countries of residence, and will be given the freedom to create and implement local initiatives designed to expand the reach of key messages.

Visit the website and discover stories of entrepreneurs, designers and artists whose ingenuity has enabled them to bring their ideas to the life. These innovative individuals strive daily to shine the spotlight on Créative France.